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Costi's Fishmarket - Fresh Catch Seafood

Our Australian Seafood products are the very foundation upon which we base our business. Visit our Australian Seafood stores and you can expect to find the freshest seasonal crustaceans, fresh fillets, cutlets and steaks, the majority of which are from Australian and New Zealand seas.

For our customer’s information we ensure that our labeling and ticketing of all Fresh Catch Seafood products accurately reflects the origin of the products. This is our commitment to our customers.

Visit our Fresh Seafood Products page for more information.

Excellent Customer Service

Consistent with the family nature of our business, our business model is founded on strong values of commitment, integrity and honesty.

Our mission is to consistently meet our clients' needs, and in fact exceed them where possible, without compromising our commitment to delivering a cost effective and high quality Fresh Seafood product. We aim to do so by creating a market atmosphere whilst endeavouring to maintain a highly professional operational standard.

We are not affiliated with any franchise operation, which bears the name "Costi" or "Costi's". We are an independent operator, a fact we are most proud of and which we believe affords us the tight controls that are critical to delivering a high quality and cost effective product.


Fresh. Healthy. Delicious